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Specialists in attachments for lorry loading cranes and excavators for well over 75 years.

klaas bakker
Harm Bakker child

The first years

The company was founded in 1939 as an agricultural mechanization company and at that time was based in Arnhem. After a number of years markets changed and Bakker had to divert activities to other markets. One of these new activities was the construction of truck frames for fairground attractions and attachments for earth moving machines, bulldozers etc. During these years, the first generation, Mr Klaas Bakker was in charge.

And then

In the 1980 ths the company moved to a bigger facility in Huissen, near Arnhem. The second generation, mr. Harm Bakker gradually took over the actual management of the company. He started what would turn out to be the biggest change to this date. A client requested a new grab for his loader crane. He was looking for a combination of a log grab and a normal grab. This was the first multipurpose grab ever constructed. This first multipurpose clamshell bucket had vertical cylinders. A few years later the multipurpose grab with horizontal cylinders was developed..

The company grew and more and more grabs were built according to customer specifications.. The demand for the Bakker Grab, as it is called in the market grew fast. In 1989 the company moved to a brand new facility in Elst, the same facility where the company is still located today.


HB Folder "Bakker Bak"
Harm en Klaas aan het werk
kinderen smeden sleutelhangers
Het feest werd druk bezocht

75 years

In 2014 the company celebrated its 75th anniversary. An impressive mile stone. During this event many long term customers and suppliers were present.

Early 2015 Bakker Hydraulic Products acquired the assets of the former Gusella Equipment Srl, a company with a long history in the field of orange peel grapples. The production was re-located to Elst, the Netherlands and a sales- and engineering office remained near Turin in Italy. From this office both Riccardo and Federico Gusella continue a long family tradition of technical advanced products and excellent quality. Both Bakker Hydraulic Products and Gusella-Bakker combine the best of two companies with an impressive track record in the market.


Now and the future

Today Bakker Hydraulic Products is a leading manufacturer of attachments for loader cranes. High quality, competitive pricing  and strong innovation have always been the core of our success. Mean time the third generation has joined the ranks of the Bakker company. Daughter Angela van Poecke and son Gerard. That means that continuity in the family business is there  and Harm in a couple of years will be able to delegate day to day management of the company to Angela.


Harm Bakker
Angela van Poecke Bakker
Gerard Bakker