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Please find below some of our video's of our products in action.

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Gusella Bakker

As you know Gusella Bakker is part of our team for years now.

We share the same building, part of our name, and ofcource are led by the same team of father and doughter.

This movie is a little introduction to Gusella Bakker and our joined factory.

Gejo 20

This is a Video of one of our first models of Gejo systems, the Gejo 20 used to empty several types of environmental containers.

HB Grab

The grab that is known as the Bakker Grab. Multi purpose strong and build to last

Since we started production we have kept on innovating this model into the current RBOX grab.

However about 40 years after the first HB grab was build some of these early models are still in use today.

No wonder, our goal is to build a product to last.