Le ultime notizie da Bakker Hydraulic Products!

Bakker Hydraulic Products and Gusella-Bakker enter into a partnership with Anders Invest.

Bakker Hydraulic Products and Gusella Bakker have been leading suppliers of hydraulic fittings for loader cranes and excavators for many years.

Hydraulic grabs in many shapes and sizes, emptying equipment for environmental containers, etc. High quality at a competitive price is central to this.

Our companies have grown strongly in recent years. We now have branches in France, Italy and the USA and an extensive network of dealers in many countries. Exports are made to approximately 50 countries.

Major investments have been made in the machinery to meet the sharply increased demand.

To enable further growth in the coming years, cooperation has been sought with Anders Invest. A participation society with an extensive network of companies in the Dutch manufacturing industry.

Anders Invest has acquired a 44% stake in our companies. They bring in extra capital and know-how, making it possible to give further substance to our growth ambitions.

Nothing will change for our staff and the services that our customers have come to expect from us.

Our people will continue to do their utmost to deliver an optimal performance.


We are proud to announce our collaberation with Vacuworx, a company based in the USA and a specialist in vacuum technic.
Since 1999, Vacuworx has been engineering and manufacturing the highest quality vacuum lifting equipment
Just as Bakker Hydraulic Products Vacuworx believes in safe and durable products.
Therefor Vacuworx meets or exceeds the following safety standards:
ASME BTH-1-2011 for Design and Engineering
ANSI/ASME standards section B30.20 for Construction, Build and Implementation
AS 4991-2004 Standards that apply to vacuum lifters
European CE Machinery Directive
European CE Low Voltage Directive
European CE Electromagnetic Interference Directive


Spider King: la benna del futuro!  

È nata la nuova Spider King. Questa benna a polipo, realizzata per le gru Triple Z, è innovativa, robusta e molto versatile. Il nuovo modello è stato presentato e dimostrato alle fiere di Rimini, in Italia e di Gorinchem nei Paesi Bassi. 

Gusella si allea al team Bakker

Siamo lieti di presentare la nostra ultima nata.

Gusella Bakker è il risultato della fusione tra Gusella Equipment e Bakker Hydraulic Products, che uniscono le conoscenze e l’esperienza di entrambe con volti noti, come H. Bakker, R. Gusella e F. Gusella. Visita il nuovo sito web


75 anni

Bakker festeggia il 75° anniversario di attività

Quest’anno (2014) abbiamo celebrato il 75° anniversario, organizzando secondo la nostra tradizione una grande festa per clienti e fornitori. 

Come mostra il video, siamo stati sorpresi dall’affluenza di coloro che desideravano congratularsi e festeggiare questo traguardo.

Ringraziamo tutti per la straordinaria partecipazione, il tempo dedicatoci e le donazioni a KIKA.