Meldgaard Hydraulik A/S Dealer and Service point

Meldgaard Hydraulik A/S was established in 1987 with a single agency and has since grown steadily. Today we have imports of a number of European brands of quality products for the transport sector, grabs from Bakker in Holland, hydraulic parts from Hyva in Holland, hydraulic parts from Bezares in Spain, Pumps from HydroLeduc in France.

Especially within lorry hydraulics and VEI weighing systems for mobile weighing’s, our products are completely special.

In addition, we also have quality Hyvalift hooks produced by HYVALIFT in Italy.


Meldgaard Hydraulik is a part of Meldgaard Holding and

our vision is to run an economically well-functioning and independent family business.

We will continue the development in transport, environment and trade, focusing on optimization and growth.

The ideological basis is driven by our free transition and common understanding of quality and service. The value creation is supported by a number of processes and systems that all ensure that the necessary knowledge and "Meldgaard spirit" are present in an economically sound and well-run company with skilled and dedicated employees.


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